مواضيع اخرى

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  • Consolation
    Le Ministre de l'Equipement et des Transports, M. Abdel Karim Ghellab, inaugure l'autoroute reliant les villes de Fs et Djeddah
    Une grande crmonie Taourirt l'occasion de la premire entre l'cole pour les lves triple chromosome
    La publicit
    Message ouvert
    Une femme en difficult est entre dans le monde entrepreneurial de la rgion de Taourirt
    Journes de sensibilisation la Fondation Al-Andalus pour une ducation gratuite Taourirt sur l'hygine buccale et la carie dentaire
    Environ 1 000 personnes du cercle Debdo ont bnfici de services mdicaux gratuits
    Salon de coiffure et de beaut d'Istanbul Taourirt
    L'Association Al Ahsa pour la culture et l'ducation clbre la Journe nationale de la scurit routire
    The city of Jeddah embraces the activities of the first regional festival of hairdressing and beauty
    The success of the second edition of the training course organized by the Young Journalists Club at Al-Fath Rehabilitation High School
    Residents of Dawar Lahrrana in Qatir group in Taourirt region, demanding their fairness and guaranteeing their right to plow and graze their lands
    The doors open to the delegate of the Ministry of Health in Taourirt Region under the slogan All for Quality of Health Services
    Vocational training graduates benefit from access to higher schools for engineers and vocational licenses as per the agreement between the two ministries.
    Ruling and outstanding success for the events of the regional championship of the school runner for Taourirt Procuratorate on Wednesday 12 November 2014 at the Taourirt horse stadium
    The continuation of the awareness campaign for early detection of diabetes in Taourirt
    On the occasion of the National Day of Road Safety
    Al-Nahdhah运动队在上一场比赛中与进球并入进球,在Taourirt的市政体育场对Shabab Aklim
    Salahuddin Al-Ayoubi预备中学在第一届会议上为杰出学生举办了仪式

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